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Oyster lease on Denman Island for Sale

Area 14-8
Landfile 251275
Location: Denman Island, Baynes Sound
Lot size: 1.54 Hectare

Oyster lease located on Denman Island, Baynes Sound available for sale. Lease is located right off the ferry and accessible by vehicle.  Lease currently has approximately 10,000 dozens of Oysters and unknown pounds of Manila clams.

Manila clam lot that is prepped under the nets is approx. 2 acres and oyster lot prepped for oysters are also approx. 2 acres. The lot itself is 1.54 hectares (approx. 3.80 acres) but more land was prepped towards the water to expand the lease use.

Oyster sizes are average 4 inches (medium) or larger. Lot has not been harvested in the last 2 years and oysters have grown quite large. We also expect clams to be large and ready for harvesting. The number of clams available cannot be determined until you dig it up during harvest.

Asking price: $120,000 without oysters and clams (Lease only)
Or $140,000 including all inventory and equipment.
Equipment would include: Hammers, buckets, nets, trays, vexar nets and more.

For more details please see this description.

Please contact Kary at Info@vancouverislandshellfish.com
Or call 778-788-8875

June 21, 2022