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Desolation Dive Services Ltd

Desolation Dive Services Ltd is an expanding dive contractor based out of Powell River. All of our crew are fully certified and have experience ranging from shellfish aquaculture (including all sub-tidal management), salmon aquaculture, project planning and management, surveys and inspections, search and recovery, salvage, cleanups, and the wild harvest of various sea foods.

Our ROV has 4k HD video capabilities all loaded onto a removable SD card for ease of transfer, an extra mount for a GoPro camera, bright lights, and a robotic arm. Several other attachments are also available. With a deeper operating depth and near unlimited dive time, our ROV is the perfect tool for bottom surveys (now required annually by DFO), target locating and dive planning. Smaller crew requirements means a cost effective alternative to hiring divers for certain applicable tasks, especially at greater depths.

This year we are proud to introduce our new commercial dive vessel, the “Kathron”. She is a 42’ work boat well equipped for a variety of jobs and capable of supporting a full dive crew for several days in remote locations.

Desolation Dive Services Ltd is here to help with your underwater and marine work.

Contact Mark Benckhuysen at Desolationdive@gmail.com or 778-678-0929

June 7, 2023