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The geoduck (pronounced gooey duck) clam is the largest burrowing clam in its natural range throughout Alaska, British Columbia and Washington. With an average weight of 1 kg (2.2 pounds) and an average shell length of 195 mm (7.75 inches), the geoduck’s shell is not capable of encompassing the body of the animal.

Historically, geoducks (Panope Abrupta) were harvested for food in the Pacific Northwest by the Aboriginal peoples. The clams currently support a prosperous commercial fishery in Alaska, British Columbia, and Washington.

The first significant step to develop a geoduck aquaculture industry in BC was taken in 1995 when a five-year initiative was spearheaded by stakeholders, including investors and researchers.  Since then, the technology for geoduck farming in BC has been refined and developed and farming of the geoduck is poised to move forward into commercial development and expansion.

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