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Recordkeeping, tagging, and statistical reporting are the key elements for traceability required by all Shellfish Aquaculture (AQSF) licence holders. The requirements are described in the Shellfish Aquaculture Conditions of Licence (CoL) and How Farmed Shellfish Products are Traced Infographic. Traceability allows government regulators to investigate outbreaks of food illness and helps ensure only legally harvested product enters the marketplace. Recordkeeping enables traceability of all movement of shellfish from seeding to harvest and consumption.

Traceability Best Practices
AQSF Spreadsheet

Plain Language Summary of the DFO Conditions of License
DFO Conditions of License
DFO Record Keeping Guidance
DFO Traceability Infographic

DFO Tagging Infographic
DFO Shellfish Movement Infographic

DFO AASR Guidance

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