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Traceability Technology Acquisition Program

The objective of the Traceability Technology Acquisition Program (TA) is to make state-of-the-art traceability technology more affordable for shellfish farmers so that they can realize the many benefits of the technology including reducing the administrative burden of regulatory compliance. The program goes hand in hand with the BCSGA’s traceability education and awareness for record-keeping aimed at increasing members’ understanding of current traceability requirements and the importance of the requirements for maintaining food safety.

Please email office@bcsga.ca or call 250 890-7561

We’ve teamed up with BlueTrace to adopt their traceability technology for BC shellfish farmers. BlueTrace builds tools to help shellfish growers and distributors track products and comply with regulations more efficiently. They have two apps, one for harvesters and one for processors, which both run on iOS mobile devices and pair wirelessly to tag printers. The traceability acquisition program at the BCSGA covers 95% of the cost associated with adopting this technology, including printers, tags, software, and an ipad to operate the program. Save time, reduce errors, and most importantly comply with ever-evolving regulations.

For Growers and Harvesters

The BlueTrace program for harvesters is an easy way to record harvest data and create digital harvest records. From the digital records users can then print required harvest tags and populate a DFO-approved harvest log.

For Processors

The BlueTrace program for processors allows users to build a digital record of everything coming into and going out of their facility. Digital records populate receiving, shipping, HACCP logs, product tags, inventory, shipping labels, and automated recalls to ensure lot-to-lot traceability.

*BCSGA traceability program can cover 95% of the cost for 2022/2023
Harvester: No fee
Processor: $2500/year, $800 one-time fee for consulting setup and ongoing support

Choose Your Printer:
Mobile printer: $710
  *includes 1,500 tags

Industrial printer: $1,610
  *includes 3,600 tags

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