Grant Programs

Innovative Shellfish Handling Program

The objective of the Innovative Shellfish Handling Program (ISH) is to facilitate the growth, profitability, productivity, and operational efficiency of the BC shellfish aquaculture industry. The ISH contribution covers up to 50% of project costs and will be provided directly to approved applications for new, upgrading, or expansion projects.

Eligible projects, for example, could include machinery, equipment, tools, culture infrastructure, value-added services, etc. The total program funding available to any single applicant is capped at $300,000.00 for the sum of accepted ISH projects throughout the three-year BCSRIF. A single project seeking an incentive contribution greater than $100,000.00 must-have demonstrable industry-wide benefits.

Round 6 is now from 2-June-2023 until the 30-June-2023! Please contact us with your project ideas and the development of your application.

Nico Prins:, 250 702-7645 or Malcolm Cowan:, 250 207-4110.
Please submit applications to

Traceability Technology Acquisition Program

The objective of the Traceability Technology Acquisition Program (TA) is to make state-of-the-art traceability technology more affordable for shellfish farmers so that they can realize the many benefits of the technology including reducing the administrative burden of regulatory compliance. The program goes hand in hand with the BCSGA’s traceability education and awareness for record-keeping aimed at increasing members’ understanding of current traceability requirements and the importance of the requirements for maintaining food safety.

Please email or call 250 890-7561

We’ve teamed up with BlueTrace to adopt their traceability technology for BC shellfish farmers. BlueTrace builds tools to help shellfish growers and distributors track products and comply with regulations more efficiently. They have two apps, one for harvesters and one for processors, which both run on iOS mobile devices and pair wirelessly to tag printers. The traceability acquisition program at the BCSGA covers 95% of the cost associated with adopting this technology, including printers, tags, software, and an ipad to operate the program. Save time, reduce errors, and most importantly comply with ever-evolving regulations.

For Growers and Harvesters

The BlueTrace program for harvesters is an easy way to record harvest data and create digital harvest records. From the digital records users can then print required harvest tags and populate a DFO-approved harvest log.

For Processors

The BlueTrace program for processors allows users to build a digital record of everything coming into and going out of their facility. Digital records populate receiving, shipping, HACCP logs, product tags, inventory, shipping labels, and automated recalls to ensure lot-to-lot traceability.

*BCSGA traceability program can cover 95% of the cost for 2022/2023

Harvester: No fee
Processor: $2500/year, $800 one-time fee for consulting setup and ongoing support

Choose Your Printer:
Mobile printer: $710
  *includes 1,500 tags

Industrial printer: $1,610
  *includes 3,600 tags

Employment Grants

ECO Canada Youth in Natural Resources


The Youth in Natural Resources program helps train and fund youth (aged 15 to 30) looking to transition into or gain experience within the natural resources field.

Eligible employers can receive 75% of the candidate’s wages covered up to a maximum of $18,000 for placements of up to 12 months.

ECO Canada Science Horizons

Open - Waitlist

The Science Horizons Program provides training and funding for young professionals with post-secondary education transition or gain experience in the environmental sector, focusing mainly on STEM

Eligible employers can receive up to 80% wage coverage up to $25,000 of a candidate’s salary for placement in a new full-time 6 to 12 month position

ECO Canada Co-op hires


ECO Canada's Co-op program partners with post-secondary institutions and aims to help students find work placements within their field of study

Eligible employers can receive 50% wage coverage up to $5,000 of a student’s salary for a placement in a new full or part-time 6 to 16 week position with a minimum of 180 hours.

ECO Canada Foreign Talent Development Program


The Environmental Foreign Talent Development Program is meant to help newcomers to Canada find work that matches their experience from abroad.

Eligible employers can receive 75% wage coverage up to $15,000 of a participant’s salary for full-time placements of 3 to 6 months

ECO Canada Nature-Based Climate Solutions Program


The Nature-Based Climate Solutions program provides training and funding for workers moving into roles in habitat restoration, watershed restoration, well reclamation and regenerative agriculture

Eligible employers can receive $4,500 wage subsidy for a 3-month placement full-time or part-time placement

ECO Canada Environmental Jobs Growth Program


The Environmental Jobs Growth Program helps employers grow, develop and diversify their environmental talent. The program welcomes any job seeker looking to enter or advance their careers in the clean economy

Eligible employers can receive up to $18,750 of a candidate's salary for placement in a new or vacant full or part-time 6 to 12-month position

Nature Canada Work to Grow


Work to Grow helps racialized youth connect and build careers in nature. Nature Canada is using the term "racialized" to encompass Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) who face systemic barriers because of their perceived or actual cultural identities. We acknowledge that people’s identities go beyond what is visible, that the language we use matters and that words can hurt. We are committed to respecting each person’s individual experiences, cultural identity, and dignity

provide a 50% wage subsidy to increase your capacity to hire youth aged 15-30, at $17.50/hour for up to 35 hours/week, for between 8 and 16 weeks

Youth Employment and Skills Program


Each project will be eligible to receive up to $14,000 in matching funds to employ one (1) employee. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada is one of several Government of Canada departments participating in the Youth Employment and Skills Strategy.

The program offers support for 50% of wages to a maximum of $14,000. If approved, the following employers are eligible to receive 80% of total eligible costs, up to a maximum of $14,000:

Indigenous individuals or organizations Employers who hire a youth facing barriers. The program can also provide up to $5,000 in additional support to offset the employment barrier faced by the employee hired.

If a youth facing barriers must relocate within Canada, reasonable expenses directly related to the relocation may also be eligible. Barrier-related expenses cannot exceed $5,000 and will be supported at 80%. Non-barrier youth may also be eligible for pre-approved relocation costs at the 50% funding level to a maximum of $5,000.

CAHRC Growing Talent


AGRI Talent supports the development of connections and networks among post-secondary students, institutions and employers and contribute towards preparing a job ready workforce. These networks will help bridge the gap between respective groups and create sustainable relationship for the future.

50% of the wages (to a maximum of $5,000) for each net new placement.

 70% of the wages (to a maximum of $7,000) for each net new placement for under-represented groups including women in STEM, Indigenous students, newcomers, and persons with disabilities, visible minority as well as first-year students.

Stacking with provincial tax credits or other non-federal funds is allowed, but funding cannot be combined with other federal programs and grants, for example Canada Summer Jobs, Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS), or any other delivery partner of the Student Work Placement Program.

Training Grants

BC Employer Training Grant

Employers can apply as often as they need and receive 80 per cent of the cost of training up to $10,000 per employee, with a maximum annual amount per employer of $300,000.

ECO Canada

Employers can access up to $5000 in training  funding for their job hires under the above programs.