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Debris Management Plans (DMP)

It is critical to reduce the likelihood of shellfish aquaculture gear entering the marine environment. In the DFO Shellfish Aquaculture Conditions of Licence, it is described in section 9.3: “The licence holder shall not introduce or cause or allow the introduction of refuse (including but not limited to infrastructure, equipment and materials) into the environment in the course of conducting aquaculture activities.”

Debris management plans are documents that describe how a license holder will manage and prevent the introduction of gear into the marine environment. Some of the important considerations include the following:
What gear is on your license and how will it be labeled?
How could it become debris?
Where would it end up?
What is your procedure for inspections?
What is the useful lifespan of gear?
How will you dispose of gear at the end of its lifespan?
How will you train any staff to understand and follow the DMP?

Additionally, it is a document required by FLNRORD as part of the replacement of Shellfish Licenses of Occupation. The Provincial guidance for debris management plans is available here. This is an example debris management plan and is available here.

Below is a template one could use to fill in the information on the management of debris at their farm.
Debris Management Plan – Fillable Word Document
DMP – Appendix 1 – Environmnetal Awarness and Training Plan
DMP – Appendix 2, 3, 4 – Debris Inspection Sheets
DMP – Complaints Register

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