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Cleaning up the Industry

We don’t know who is allowing debris from their shellfish operations to enter the marine environment, but until those operators are brought into compliance it is our responsibility to cleanup the industry. The most recent cleanup, on the 30th of March, pulled a truck load of aquaculture and fishing debris off a 3.7 km stretch of the South Western shore of Denman Island.

Thank you to Gordy McLellan at Mac’s Osyters for volunteering his time to cleanup the debris of other farmers for the industry we all love.

Along with continued cleanups, we have developed a new environmental code of practice and we are encouraging all shellfish growers in BC to develop and commit to a debris management plan. Our goal is to help farmers develop and implement a culture of net-negative debris. This industry has came a long way and, when diligently operated, it is one of the most sustainable forms of food production.

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