Unit F – 2002 Comox Ave., Comox, BC V9M 3M6 250.890.7561

BCSGA members, industry partners and community volunteers came together at five separate sites on Vancouver Island to clean our beaches. In total, we cleaned 50 kilometers of beach – from the Comox Estuary to Deep Bay.  A huge thank-you goes out to the 195 people who participated and helped to remove 60 cubic yards (~2000 kg) of debris from our shorelines.

Our cleanup coincided with clean up efforts on Denman Island and, together, we were able to send one transport truck of plastic, poly rope and Styrofoam to Ocean Legacy  in Vancouver to be recycled. A HUGE thanks to Kingsley Trucking for assisting with transportation to Ocean Legacy.

Plastics from the beach (and brought in by farmers from across the island) bound for Ocean Legacy.

Beach finds being unloaded from the pickup and into the sorting piles.

Debris found and brought down to the sorting site on day one of the clean up efforts.

Recyclable plastics sorted and ready for transport (with trays) to Ocean Legacy to be turned into fuel.

It was a great effort in Baynes Sound!  Other cleanups also took place in Okeover and through the Discovery Islands.

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