Shellfish R&D

The BC shellfish industry relies on extensive R&D initiatives to advance and improve both environmental interactions and our product quality & consistency. This page will be used to post  R&D updates  for the benefit and knowledge of the BCSGA membership who are not able to attend these meetings. These brief reports are intended to provide basic information and key points from the meetings.

BCSGA WORKING Priority Research Projects (as at April 25th, 2008)

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R&D Workshop Reports to the BCSGA Membership:

  • September 23rd – 26th, 2007 – Aquaculture Canada Conference, 2007 (Edmonton, Alberta – click here for .pdf program). Aquaculture Canada is the annual conference of the Aquaculture Association of Canada which (1) promotes the study of aquaculture related science, (2) gathers and disseminates aquaculture information in Canada, and (3) creates public awareness and understanding of aquaculture in Canada. The BCSGA attends the AAC conference to stay up to date on Canadian national aquaculture research initiatives and to network with other aquaculture associations and government contacts. Key note speakers at the 2007 conference were: (1)Brian Peckford (former Newfoundland Premier) who spoke towards encouraging a coordinated national aquaculture PR effort (copy of speech available to BCSGA); (2) Rebecca Goldberg (Environmental Defense Fund) who spoke on Environmental Defence’s partnership projects with market-leading corporations, aiming to make significant and quantifiable solutions to pressing environmental issues, while also acheiving business benefits and creating an industry model; and (3) the Honourable David Anderson (former federal Minister of the Environment, currently Director of the University of Guelph, Institute for the Environment) who spoke on the ongoing political debate towards aquaculture (specifically finfish). Of note to the BCSGA, there has been developments to the proposed (and developing) Aquaculture Knowledge Exchange Portal – AquaPort is now a registerred non-profit and a new board of directors has been established. Also, the Network of Canadian Research & Development Coordinators met to plan for increased communication of R&D across the Canadian aquaculture industry associations.

Shellfish Research & Development in the News Media:

  • November 4th, 2007 – Mussels Face Extinction as Oceans Turn Acidic, The Telegraph. By the end of the century many popular seafood dishes will disappear from our tables as shellfish become increasingly scarce, scientists warn. They have found that the build up of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is causing the oceans to grow more acidic as increasing amounts of the gas dissolve in sea water.
  • October 30th, 2007 – Healing Powers of Oysters Could Mend Human Bones, The Independent. French biologists who have been studying the way oysters produce nacre, also known as mother-of-pearl, believe the process could be replicated to provide cures and preventative treatments for osteoporosis, arthritis and certain skin complaints.