Canadian Food Inspection Agency(CFIA)regulatory consultations on the National Aquatic Animal Health Program

2007 Meeting Options (choose 1):

1. October 24th, University of Phoenix, 4401 Still Creek Drive, Rm 233, Burnaby BC,9am-1pm.
2. October 25th, Maritime Heritage Centre, Campbell River, 621 Island Hwy, Thulin Room,9am-1pm.
3. October 26th, Maritime Heritage Centre, Campbell River, 621 Island Hwy, Thulin Room,9am-1pm.

Please feel free to callDr Andrea Osborn(CFIA Regional Veterinarian)if there are any questions or concerns250 661-0273.

These meetings will address the amendment to theHealth of Animal’s Regulations, under theHealth of Animals Act, in order to incorporate aquatic animals and provide them with similar disease control coverage as currently provided toCanada’s terrestrial animals.As this is a new regulatory framework for aquatic animal health, CFIA is embarking on a cross-country consultation process aimed at meeting with all provinces and territories as well as key industry stakeholders.

The meetings are aimed at gathering comments on the proposed regulatory changes from all stakeholder perspectives and addressing them as appropriate.

  • Dr Peter McKenzie, National Manager, Import/Export
  • Dr Sharon McGladdery, Director of the Aquatic Animal Health Division
  • Dr Brian Peart, Regulatory Officer andDr Andrea Osbornwill be attending from CFIA.
  • Staff from Fisheries and Oceans Canada will also be in attendance.
Below, you will find a number of documents that will be discussed at the meeting:

PPT Presentation “Stakeholder Consultations” (meeting agenda included)
(click the link above to view an overview presentation about the NAAHP and the CFIA Regulatory Consultations)

Workshop Workbook Text
(Consultation workbook printed for electronic submission)

APPENDIX A – Disease Lists
(Proposed Reportable, Immediately Notifiable, and Annually Notifiable Disease list for Finfish, Molluscs and Crustations)

APPENDIX C – OIE Definition of Zones