Food Not Coal

  “Food Not Coal”



Shellfish farming in Baynes Sound is a sustainable industry operated by many small family farms

It’s as easy as that. We believe that this is an either or scenario. You either want safe, affordable, nutritious and sustainably raised food grown at your door over many future generations or you favour 16 years of coal mining to supply the needs of countries beyond our borders and generations of tax payer cleanup bills. Coal mining, 5km’s upstream from the largest shellfish growing bed in the country, or a vibrant food growing sector, cannot coexist. The only acceptable level of risk to shellfish growers is ZERO.


The BC Shellfish Growers Association (BCSGA) is extremely concerned with the prospect that the proposed Raven Coal Mine will be given the green light by both the provincial and federal governments without the most thorough environmental assessment available. If this happens it could mean the end of a thriving shellfish industry in Baynes Sound that not only generates about $28 million annually in the region, but employs over 600 farming families in coastal and rural communities.


Through this outlet, the BCSGA will, as a small, two-person staff not-for-profit association representing 160 farmers, try to compete with a large multi-national corporation to ensure the right information is disseminated to keep people properly informed in order to make educated decisions on this polarizing issue.


In the meantime, if you have any questions feel free to drop us a line anytime and we’ll do our best to get you the right information.


If you’re as concerned as we are about the proposed coal mine, please take a moment and sign the petition below, let your voice be heard! Your support is greatly appreciated!

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